PRIZMA GRUP Time Management System is undertaken after “Project Plan” has been formally documented and the Project is in execution. The total time currently spent against each individual activity, task and the corresponding total direct labor cost is calculated. The Project Manager/Site Manager can identify any slippage on the “Project Plan” if any, and control the level of resource allocated to each task. Timesheets must be completed weekly and submitted to the Project Manager/Site Manager for approval. Each time entry must be recorded against an Activity ID and Task ID as specified in the “Project Plan”. Our Project Manager/Site Manager to take actions based on the extent of the deviations from “Project Plan”, if any. In case, the Project Manager/Site Manager will not be able to take corrective actions, raises a Project Issue (as per Project Issue Management System) for action by our Project Board. The logic flow diagram of the Time Management System is provided herewith for immediate reference.

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