PRIZMA GRUP identifies the major concepts of Project Management; Project Planning, Project Execution and Project Closure as the three indispensible elements of a gear box.
Accordingly, the three concepts are implemented, expedited and enhanced with the application of various procedures and sub-management systems as listed in the following Table.

As the project size increases, the complexity of the project shall increase, as well. It is imperative that the projects differing in size and complexity should be managed under single and unified management systems. Therefore, more flexible and project tailored systems are required to be employed and implemented to deliver projects on scheduled completion and within the budget. With due consideration given to this concern and the experiences gained so far have directed PRIZMA GRUP to alter its approach for the management of the projects differing in size and complexity. The following Project Sizing Table lists the activities typically undertaken by PRIZMA GRUP for small, medium and large scale projects.

Upon award but prior to start of the site activities of any project, plans made during the proposal phase are re-visited, enhanced and tailored to meet the needs of the project in accordance with the final agreed terms and conditions.
As can easily be seen in the below logic flow diagram, the plan starts with the Resource Planning (equipment and facilities) followed by Human Resource Plan and allocations and Procurement Planning. The major stake of the planning goes to QA/QC and HSE whereby the Client’s specific requirements and conditions are incorporated into the Company’s tailor made procedures and method statements. Plans and procedures for the Risk Management, Communications, Financing, Supplier and Sub-Contractor Management comprise the remaining elements of Project Plan.
It is the utmost interest of the PRIZMA GRUP Management that the Project Plan is proper and meets the provisions of the contract. Therefore, the Project Plan is closely expedited by the Management to monitor and upgrade the planned system to ensure that the maximum benefit is secured for project needs.

Achievement of a succesful project execution can be defined as the result of proper integration and grinding of phase reviews as per the Project Plans, timely delivery and construction of the project equipment and material, close control and monitoring the activities to keep the project on track. 
PRIZMA GRUP has specifically geared itself to execute the projects in this manner and with high efficiency. The figure herein below summarizes PRIZMA GRUP approach for this task. Factors heavily affecting the execution plans and implementation, but do not surface up directly, are continuously monitored and controlled with the proper management procedures, specifically prepared by PRIZMA GRUP to ensure that the objectives of execution is achievable and problems can be controlled and monitored without jeopardizing the already set system.

Project Closure Phase has the same importance as the Project Planning Phase. This is the point where the project on the paper transformed into a physical being, is to be handed over to the Client. 
Therefore, compliance with the project specific close-out requirements, handing over the project documentation to enable the Client to have all the records, manuals and operational instruction for their future needs and finally to milestone the Guarantee Period start, have prime importance on the successful completion of Project Closure Phase. PRIZMA GRUP has inducted such management systems to control and monitor the Project Closure Phase.

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