PRIZMA GRUP was established and started its operations in year 2001 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. PRIZMA GRUP’s core business is construction and erection of power plants, cement plants, steel plants and facilities in the oil and gas (refineries, petrochemical complexes, gas treatment plants etc.) industries, also in various other chemical industries. PRIZMA GRUP has also made its presence felt in the turnkey design, supply and construction of commercial buildings.

From the date it is established, PRIZMA GRUP became a company preferred by the employer establishments in the market, because of its strong quality and safety adherences and time commitment as performed in the implementation of the projects awarded. With the support of its experienced and specialized manpower, PRIZMA GRUP completed all the projects on or before the targeted completion dates, to the required quality and safety awareness.

PRIZMA GRUP is presenting a steady growth with its continuing activities in construction, undertaking jobs in and outside the country and is increasing its managerial and technical abilities every day with each new project. The number of qualified and experienced personnel is also rapidly increasing parallel to this growth. PRIZMA GRUP is always looking towards developing new methods, policies and procedures aiming to decrease the work period and costs with no compromise on quality and safety.

The most intense competition in global business at present is not for a higher market share or capital or advanced technology. It is for talent. The companies with the best array of human skills will receive the greatest rewards. PRIZMA GRUP, with its experienced young and dynamic staff is eager and ready to take this challenge for projects in and outside the country as was successfully proved and implemented in its history.

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